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Check out the features of our
Time and Fees Software
in the Cloud.

Check out the features of our
Time and Fees Software
in the Cloud.

Check out the features of our
Time and Fees Software
in the Cloud.

Take a peak at some
of the screens
Take a peak at some
of the screens
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Your page to see Job Assigned and Holidays too!

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Easily enter time, expenses and disbursements

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Quickly and easily add a new client

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Lots of great features!

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No problem - enter repetitive records quickly!

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You can limit access to sensitive control areas

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Plan work-flows with ease.

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Drill down to get right back to the original entry!

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Draw up an invoice directly from the software!

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Enter your date range and view recorded entries easily!

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Comprehesive Help!

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Time Recording

Time recording and work in progress systems are our core business. We initially designed for accountancy practices and then designed for other professional practices. This latest generation of our software is an excellent tool for any professional practice, whether they be consultants, solicitors, surveyors or auditors (this isn't an exclusive list! - if your field of expertise isn't mentioned don't feel offended because no offence was intended.)

  • Easy Data Entry
    • Most of the fields are selectable from drop-down lists or pop-up date and time pickers
    • Post Time, Staff Expenses and Disbursements (a disbursement is an expense that needs to be directly charged to a client but doesn't need to be reimbursed to an employee.)
    • Are you doing the same thing over and over for a number of clients? Post Time in Bulk - you can have a select list of clients that you're doing a particular task for and charge the same amount of time to all of them in one entry.
      • You can do the same with Expenses and Disbursements - charge the same thing to a number of clients - for example - Companies House fees paid for a number of Confirmation Statements can be charged across with one entry.
    • Add a new client `on-the-fly` - if the client isn't yet in your database then you can quickly add the client by clicking on `Add Client` at the top of the drop-down list and entering the client name and a suitable six-character client code - no messing!

Click to check out our

  • Made a mistake? - All entries are easily correctable.
    • Find your record to correct, click to bring up the record, make your amendment and save - done!
  • Need to know who did what? - There's a full Audit Trail system so that you can see who made what changes to any record.
  • Aged Work in Progress Reports help you to ensure that you don't leave un-invoiced work on the books for too long.
  • Match time and expenses off against invoices raised so that you don't charge twice for the same thing - keeps you in full compliance with your professional body.
  • Write Invoices directly from the system and print in pdf format to send to your client.
  • Billing Analysis reports will show you what has been recorded against any particular invoice and provide you with recovery rates.
  • Graphical Analysis of invoicing and work in progress aids understanding of company performance.

  • Work Planning

    Job Cards provide rudimentary information about a job and the stage it is at - whether that be 'Ready to Start' or at the 'Review' stage.

    • Click on any card to bring up full details about that job - make amendments and save.
    • Move them to a different job stage using the drag 'n' drop facility on your desktop.
    • Allocate jobs to specific staff for them to coordinate.
      • If someone has a job allocated to them to coordinate then this will show on their home screen along with any others.
      • They too can amend a job but what they can amend is limited; you still have control over the main elements.
    • Job Timeline shows the start and duration of each job on a horizontal time-line chart. See at a glance where the `choke` points are! A great aid to aid job planning.

    Holiday Planner

    How often have you had a problem with staff holidays? It's always a difficult area as people often have to book holidays with a Travel Agent before they know exactly what days they will need off...

    • A holiday request form can be completed by a staff member - they can't complete it on behalf on anyone else.
    • The requested holiday will be time-stamped so that you can allocate holidays on a first-come, first-served basis.
    • See exactly what holidays that person has had booked (and taken) before you make any decision about whether to authorise the holiday.
    • A Holiday Planner chart shows everyone's holidays for the current period. There's a detailed one for planning and a smaller one showing on everyone's screen.

    My Mail

    We have developed a fully 'internal' intranet mailing system - that means that you can send messages to any current member of your staff.

    • It's fully enclosed - so it stores messages with your company's data and it can't be used to mail anyone who is not entered as a staff member.
    • Select the recipient (a member of staff) from the drop-down list; Enter the Subject; Write your Message and [Send Mail].
    • It's a more secure system just for your use.

    My To Do

    Each member of staff has their own private to do list. It is not accessible by anyone else.

    • Write the task in the box; click to Add Task
    • Click on a task, Amend as necessary and Save.
    • Rearrange your task list in order of importance using the drag 'n' drop facility with your mouse.
    • Mark a task as having been completed.
    • Delete completed tasks.

    System Requirements

    Time and Fees Software is `Cloud-based` therefore, internet access is required. It is best experienced where broadband can be obtained at speeds of 20Mbps or higher. We recommend that you use Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Opera. Using Internet Explorer or Safari may result in some features not working.

    The programme requires that you have JavaScript enabled on your browser. Here are the instructions how to enable JavaScript in your web browser.

    Client Feedback

    "...As a user of your prototype Time Recording Database, I would like to put it on record that during the 5 or 6 years we have used it, it has been nothing but 100% reliable. I'm sure that it has helped capture many thousands of chargeable hours which would otherwise have been lost. It also has the advantage of being very user-friendly and I know your latest version is even more so. To any prospective user of your software, I would say that I would have no hesitation in implementing it." D J Marriott F.C.C.A. Senior Partner, Marriott Gibbs, Sheffield.

    "If I set all the staff up on there, if when we do decide to go live with it, will everything that I enter remain or will I have to input it all again?" Bristol

    You won’t need to re-enter the data - unless you request that you want to start from scratch again, but you will only be able to enter ten staff at this stage until you sign up with your required number of staff.

    More Client Feedback

    "Great software - easy to use, help screens on tap, consistent all the way through." Sheffield

    "We found that picking out our currency was difficult to do; can you have a look at changing it...?" Bristol

    Sorry that you found it difficult, although you didn't tell us what you found difficult, we got a third party to look at it and give us some feedback. A simple revision of the column order in currency settings and our third party was very happy with the result.

    "We don't like the date calendar thing, can't you make it so that we can enter it manually?" Cardiff

    That is a problem and I'm sorry that we are not able to meet your requirements on this occasion. We are in a global market-place, and there are a vast number of ways that a date can be displayed, and entered, in a form but dates have to be stored in a specific format in your client database. We have found that the only way to accommodate requirements of both user and database globally is to use a pop-up calendar where the user can select the appropriate date using a mouse.


    Cloud Based

    Cloud based so you can access from anywhere via an internet connection and your browser.

    Work in Progress

    Enter time and expenses, get management reports, see company performance.


    Brings your office together even if most of your employees work from home!

    With Great Features

    Holiday Planner, Work Planning, Invoicing, Job Allocation, MyMail 'Intranet' system, ToDoList...


    Privacy Policy

    Lets get in touch. Send us a message:

    Kiveton Park, Sheffield, UK

    Phone: +44-800-288-4783