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About Us

We started from humble beginnings in 2002 having designed a time recording programme while working in a small accountancy practice in Sheffield. We have moved premises a couple of times since 2002 as we have needed more space to work, but have stayed in the same area on the outskirts of Sheffield, England.

We market our databases purely through the Internet in order to reduce our overheads. It is a strategy that has paid off and we now have clients across the UK and English-speaking countries abroad.

Over the years, we have responded to client requests for additional features to the time recording programmes, most of which, have been of use to the vast majority of our clients. This has included the addition of Bulk Time so that if someone is carrying out the same task for a number of clients, they can post the same amount of time to any chosen list of clients just by making one entry.

Web-site Development

We have continually developed our web-site to be more responsive to our clients, and our prospective clients, needs. In addition to a Trial Request Form we now have added a Contact Form to make things easier. We have also implemented a Support Ticket System from within the software so that you don't need to log on anywhere else to make a support request. If you can't log on to the software and this isn't an option for you, just use the Support Request form on our web-site.

It is our ambition to be a truly global company even in these divisive, nationalistic times. We believe that we offer a product that professionals around the world will find that they can get a truly useful product at a very reasonable price.

The Next Generation of Time Recording Software

We have been working for some time on Time and Fees Software - an Internet-based time recording programme. We designed it so that our clients can access it from wherever they have access to the Internet and with whatever device, whether that be a laptop, tablet or smart-phone.

This has naturally brought about many new challenges especially training in learning new computer coding languages; but we are being rewarded in that the new Internet-based programme is very good, multi-platform programme that can be used worldwide.


Privacy Policy

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