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The Microsoft Jet database engine cannot open the file {application path}.  It is already opened exclusively by another use, or you need permission to view its data.

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This message comes up if only part of the full address is entered, usually up to the folder that actually contains the file.  Time recording is looking to connect with the tables inside the datafile so you need to tell it exactly where those tables are and that means typing the full address of the file.

  1. Assuming that you are at the stage where Time Recording is asking you to [Enter the full path of the Data programme]
  2. Use Windows Explorer to find the datafile that you want to connect to.
  3. Right click on the file and select [Properties]
  4. Copy the location and note down the full name of the file and it's type.  (With old versions this is usually file name: DataFile and type: Microsoft Access MDE Database (.mde); Time Recording II will say file name: TimeIIDataFile and type: Microsoft Access ACCDE Database (.accde))
  5. In Time Recording, paste the application path into the box on the form then add a backslash (\) and the FULL name of the file. eg;  [X:\TimeRecordingData\DataFile\DataFile.mde]
  6. If you type the address in and omit the file extension .mde, you will get a message saying Cannot Open this file..... but will be given a further opportunity to [Try Again]
  7. If you type the address in correctly, the Time Recording programme will connect to the tables inside the datafile and the programme will open with the Title Screen.


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