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Database software programmes for time recording

We currently have Time Recording database programmes that have been in use in professional practices for many years.
We also have a Cloud-Based Time Recording programme that is currently undergoing beta testing and is not yet available for commercial use.

There are three Time-Recording programmes to choose from: TimeExpense, FixedFee, or TimeBasic; all of them record time and expenses and can be used on a single computer or on a network.

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Time Recording

We, at T. Bookman Limited, have approached the design of our Time Recording systems with professionals in mind. 

Our approach means that you and your staff reap the benefits of our programmes ease of use and experience the power of the analysis of all the work that you do.



Management can access critical information about their business including monitoring employee productivity and client profitability as well as obtaining information about likely cash flows and analysing work in progress. All in all, an excellent management reporting tool.